For those of you really paying attention to your email last week, you might have noticed my new article about generational issues arrived in your inbox… twice. Sorry for the mistake. We are upgrading and using a better mailing system to serve you better, and think we just finished nailing the few final glitches on this new page where I’ll post my articles. So no worries… should be good now.

So let me take this opportunity to give away half a dozen books in the next few days. Let’s make it simple. Anyone who follows me on my brand new Twitter account in the next 7 days will have their name thrown in the hopper to receive a free book. In one week I’ll draw 6 names and mail you a copy of my THE NEW BREED.

Thanks for being a loyal reader! You’ll be hearing more from me.

WINNERS- Thank you all for your participation. Here are the six winners, below. (the six of you just email me this week at tom@volunteerpower.com with your name and mailing address and I will send you a copy of my book, THE NEW BREED)


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2 Responses to A CHANCE AT A FREE BOOK!

  1. Michelle says:

    The other “generational” issue I have encountered frequently is the older gentleman who is a rookie in my area of expertise who expects to be treated as the expert & wants to take over on day one.

  2. Nina says:

    For over 10 years I facilitated Red Cross youth clubs in elementary, middle, high and college level. Youth today are conscious of diversity, global issues and how to help, the environment and so much more. I totally agree with you that we all want respect. I’m a 53 y/o white woman who while homeless and jobless met the most fascinating people if all ages and races. What I love about the store I manage is 3 or 4 generations in the work place. We laugh and learn together all day and I have seen remarkable exchanges of knowledge and common sense. Stop bitching start loving and learning. And please stop the stereotyping regardless of age.

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