“Mobilizing the Power and Passion of A New Breed of Volunteer” by a Father/Son Team

New-Breed-WEB-SMIt is rare that you hear both of the McKees at the same conference. The County of Maui, Volunteer Center is presenting a workshop on January 29 from 8 am to 4 pm at the King Kamehameha Club House featuring the father and son team, Thomas and Jonathan McKee.

Thomas gives great sage leadership advice on engaging an older generation while his son, Jonathan, offers the fresh ideas and approaches on engaging the young millennials. Not only is their banter back and forth very realistic, but it’s also fun making this day a sure way to get inside the heads of the 21st century volunteer.  Articulate and succinct, they capture the essentials of unraveling the often conflicting motivations of different generations of volunteers. In their 75 years of combined volunteer leadership experience they capture the essentials of working with 21st century volunteer—a whole new breed of volunteer.

Thomas, father, is the owner of Volunteer Power, a volunteer engagement resource training and development company.  He began his career speaking to one of the most difficult audiences, high school assemblies, and today speaks regularly for organizations such as AARP, Make A Wish, Points of Light, DOVIA, and international volunteer leadership conferees in Europe and Africa.

Jonathan, son, is a respected authority on the millennial generation and owner of The Source for Youth Ministry.  He has written 20 books, such as “Should I Just Smash My Kid’s Phone?”, for youth leaders and parents.  Last year he flew over 100,000 miles speaking and leading workshops on how to communicate with the smart phone generation.

In Tom’s keynote and workshop, he will outline the seismic shifts that have created a new volunteer culture and then tell us how we can take advantage of these shifts to mobilize the power and passion of a whole New Breed of volunteers.

In Jonathan’s workshop, you will take a peek into the unique and rapidly changing world of this “smartphone generation,” how they communicate and work with others, and how to recruit and lead them as volunteers in our organizations.

Their book,  The New Breed, is an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and contemporary look at volunteering as it is evolving in the 21st century. Susan Ellis, President of Energize, Inc., says of their book:

“In a practical and often humorous way, the authors introduce real-life challenges in volunteer engagement and give wonderful suggestions for everything from recruiting to using computer technology for communication. They aim to inspire the leader of volunteers and they succeed.”

Registration for the all-day workshop is $75 per person, which includes lunch, special door prize from Grand Wailea Resort & Spa and more. For more information on conference or HandsOn Maui, contact Wendy Stebbins at 270-7150 or Wendy.Stebbins@mauicounty.gov

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