Mobilizing a New Breed of Volunteers… in Colorado

10580779_859480480736510_4166228323392133403_oAwakening, focusing, sustaining, and unleashing the power and passion of today’s volunteers– a workshop by Father/Son Team — Loveland, CO, September 21-23, 2016

This September we’re coming to Colorado to teach our 2-day workshop on everything you need to know about recruiting today’s new breed of volunteers.

Name it: recruiting, retaining, motivating, empowering… we’re covering it all.

You’ll get both authors of the book THE NEW BREED in one location for a day and a half. Come join us!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to transition episodic volunteers into high-capacity volunteer
  • How to use duct tape to improve your retention rate
  • How to engage two essential generations of volunteers: Millennials and Boomers
  • How to take advantage of the seismic shifts that have changed volunteerism
  • How to awaken passion to potential volunteers
  • How to frame your recruiting needs to the values, strengths, gifts, and passions of the NEW BREED of volunteerHow to make the perfect omelet (time permitting)

Six Modules:

Module One: Seismic shifts that are changing volunteer engagement

Volunteer involvement has changed significantly over the past 20 years, challenging leaders to adapt to a savvy NEW BREED of volunteers. Plenty of volunteers are willing to get involved, but they’ll become involved according to their rules—not ours. Discover seismic shifts that have created a new volunteer culture and learn how to take advantage of these shifts.

Module Two: The seven deadly sins of recruiting

“I love ministry, but I hate recruiting.” If you feel this way, you’re not alone. But recruiting volunteers can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your ministry—when done right. Examine the seven deadly sins of recruiting as well as our unique “dating method,” which helps you find the volunteers you want to make sure you have the right volunteer in the right position.

Module Three: Leadership and Motivation

There is nothing you can do to motivate a volunteer. Why? Because volunteers do things for their reasons not yours. So, how do you keep volunteers motivated? You must create a volunteer culture that stimulates the inner motivation of each volunteer. Learn how to create this climate and develop the leadership skills to keep their passion alive.

Module Four: Generational Leadership

Take a peek into the unique and rapidly changing world of four generations: the Greatest Generation, Boomers, GenXers and the Millennials. Learn how they communicate and work with others, and how to recruit and lead volunteers in key life stages.

Module Five: Social Media and Volunteerism

Communication is the glue that holds together the volunteer team, yet many churches still rely on old, ineffective techniques (“Didn’t you read my email?”). Learn when and how to use texting, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as effective coaching tools.

Module Six: Empowerment 

The NEW BREED of volunteer will not be managed. Learn the vast difference between delegation and empowerment, and how to unleash the passion of the volunteer team through an effective system of empowerment.

Workshop Details:

GROUP Equipping Institute in Loveland, CO is featuring father/son team of Thomas and Jonathan McKee in a hand’s-on highly interactive workshop focusing on faith-based organizations on September 21-23.

It is rare that you hear both of the McKees at the same conference. Thomas gives great sage leadership advice on engaging an older generation while his son, Jonathan, offers the fresh ideas and approaches on engaging the young millennials. Not only is their banter back and forth very realistic, but it’s also fun making this day a sure way to get inside the heads of the 21st century volunteer.  Articulate and succinct, they capture the essentials of unraveling the often conflicting motivations of different generations of volunteers. In their 75 years of combined volunteer leadership experience they capture the essentials of working with 21st century volunteer—a whole new breed of volunteer.

Thomas, father, is the owner of Volunteer Power, a volunteer engagement resource training and development company.  He began his career speaking to one of the most difficult audiences, high school assemblies, and today speaks regularly for organizations such as AARP, Make A Wish, Points of Light, DOVIA, and international volunteer leadership conferees in Europe and Africa.

Jonathan, son, is a respected authority on the millennial generation and owner of The Source for Youth Ministry.  He has written 20 books, such as “Should I Just Smash My Kid’s Phone?”, for youth leaders and parents.  Last year he flew over 100,000 miles speaking and leading workshops on how to communicate with the smart phone generation.

Their book,  The New Breed, is an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and contemporary look at volunteering as it is evolving in the 21st century. Susan Ellis, President of Energize, Inc., says of their book:  “In a practical and often humorous way, the authors introduce real-life challenges in volunteer engagement and give wonderful suggestions for everything from recruiting to using computer technology for communication. They aim to inspire the leader of volunteers and they succeed.”

For registration information for the workshop, contact GROUP at

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