Recruiting Resources

by Tom McKee, Co-author of The New Breed

With so many organizations competing for the same volunteers, it is essential that we keep our leaders encouraged and motivated to keep on recruiting.

I was recently asked if I had any printed material in addition to The New Breed on how to specifically recruit the episodic volunteer who only want to volunteer for short-term projects— a trend many are noticing in the volunteer world. I took some time and pursued some recruiting tips that I have shared in the last 10 years and noted these twelve resources. Feel free to copy any of these dozen articles, reprint them and to use for training and discussing with your leadership. They are yours FREE for your use, as long as you document on the printout where you got them.

12 articles helping you recruit today’s short term volunteers

  1. How Successful Is Your Volunteer Marketing
  2. What’s Wrong With This Picture
  3. Making an Appeal to the Pre-Volunteer
  4. Getting High Capacity People to Volunteer
  5. The Power of Emotions
  6. Why I Never Apologize for Asking Busy People to Volunteer
  7. Hard to Recruit Volunteers
  8. The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting Volunteers
  9. Recruiting is Like Dating—Don’t ask for Marriage on a First Date
  10. Why People Volunteer—The Top Three Reasons
  11. From Short Term Helper to Active Volunteer
  12. Oh, By the Way — The four words that Volunteers Hate

In addition, I would also encourage you to enlist a corporate sponsor to sponsor a workshop for your leadership where we cover three essential topics for 21st century volunteer engagement

• Section i:  The New Breed Volunteer (twitch speed, slacktivists, episodic volunteers, empowered knowledge worker)
• Section II:  The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting
• Section III:  Keep that passion alive. How to create a volunteer culture that stimulates the inner motivation of each volunteer

Here is a short clip from a keynote that I researched and delivered to the California PTA:  (In a workshop I often deliver a short 5-10 minute presentation like this, and then follow up with a case study or hands-on learning activity.)

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