Engaging a New Breed of Volunteers- The ZOOM Workshop

by Tom McKee, Co-author of The New Breed

If you’re like me, you’re tired of postponing training because of COVID! Well, we can’t make COVID go away, but we can provide you with an engaging ZOOM training where we interact with your volunteer recruiters and managers, safely, in-person-online!

Jonathan, co-author of The New Breed, is teaching ZOOM workshops regularly. He is a natural in front of the camera, and his energy, humor and insight always keeps everyone engaged. His workshops are quick (just one hour), they’re packed with application, and they’re waaaaaaaay better than mechanized video trainings because he connects to your group live, interacting and answering questions.

Jonathan has taught our Volunteer Power workshop for groups such as AARP, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Maui County Volunteer Network (that was fun), and various hospital associations.  He is not only a dynamic speaker, but he is also an author of over 20 books. In addition to helping me write The New Breed, he has written…

Hosting a Zoom workshop not only saves you the cost of travel per diem, but it offers an answer to equip and empower your staff and volunteer leaders during our frustrating COVID lockdowns. 

If you are interested in booking Jonathan, email him at jon@TheSource4YM.com 

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