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Two Opportunities in April to Hear Tom McKee Speak on Engaging the New Breed Volunteer 

If you live in Texas or western New York, I will be presenting the challenge and opportunity of engaging a whole new breed of volunteers who are changing how we recruit and empower volunteers. Tyler, Texas — April 16 Buffalo/Albany … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Change, You Could Be Out of Business in the Near Future

In 2002 when I created Volunteer Power, I was convinced that if non-profits did not catch up to 21st century leadership strategies, they would be out of business in a few years.  And I believe it even more today. For … Continue reading

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When “Yes” Means “No”

My son Jonathan (co-author of The New Breed) and I just spent nine days in Kampala, Uganda, training leaders from the university, youth organizations and churches on how to engage volunteers. These leaders were full of hope and passion, and … Continue reading

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The New Breed in Tweets

Over the past few months I have been intrigued by what people are tweeting during my keynote speeches on mobilizing the power and passion of a new breed of volunteer (so much so, that I finally jumped on the Twitter … Continue reading

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Generational Issues Just Won’t Go Away

How would you have responded to these comments and questions that I have received in the past few months? A young 20-something millennial director of volunteers stayed after the workshop and waited until we were alone, and then she said … Continue reading

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