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“Mobilizing the Power and Passion of A New Breed of Volunteer” by a Father/Son Team

It is rare that you hear both of the McKees at the same conference. The County of Maui, Volunteer Center is presenting a workshop on January 29 from 8 am to 4 pm at the King Kamehameha Club House featuring the father … Continue reading

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The Graying of Volunteers: We Are Back for Your Revolution

Who are these people who are saying, “Just ask me and I’ll sign up”? We are Boomers. Why are we ready to sign up? We were the volunteer revolutionaries of the 60’s and we are back.  The word revolution comes … Continue reading

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How To Manage the Pressure to Use Youth Volunteers When They So Often Can Be A pain

Seven tips for a win/win youth volunteer service project Global Youth Services Day is upon us (April 17-19)  which brings up the question that I was recently asked in a conference, “Can you give us any hints about working with youth … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Change, You Could Be Out of Business in the Near Future

In 2002 when I created Volunteer Power, I was convinced that if non-profits did not catch up to 21st century leadership strategies, they would be out of business in a few years.  And I believe it even more today. For … Continue reading

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Generational Issues Just Won’t Go Away

How would you have responded to these comments and questions that I have received in the past few months? A young 20-something millennial director of volunteers stayed after the workshop and waited until we were alone, and then she said … Continue reading

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