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The Check Engine Light of Volunteer Stress

How to Recognize and Respond to Volunteer Stress Warning Signs Stress has been called the disorder of the 21st century. In today’s economic climate companies are stretched thin and tensions are running high. Financial problems, personal relationships, children, and the … Continue reading

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Charlie Brown’s Question Hits The Core Element of Leadership – The Focused Power of Individuals

Charlie Brown is watching TV, and Lucy walks into the room and changes the channel to something she wants to watch. Charlie speaks up and says to Lucy, “Why do you get to watch what you want?” Lucy answers with … Continue reading

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How To Manage the Pressure to Use Youth Volunteers When They So Often Can Be A pain

Seven tips for a win/win youth volunteer service project Global Youth Services Day is upon us (April 17-19)  which brings up the question that I was recently asked in a conference, “Can you give us any hints about working with youth … Continue reading

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Two Opportunities in April to Hear Tom McKee Speak on Engaging the New Breed Volunteer 

If you live in Texas or western New York, I will be presenting the challenge and opportunity of engaging a whole new breed of volunteers who are changing how we recruit and empower volunteers. Tyler, Texas — April 16 Buffalo/Albany … Continue reading

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Finding Volunteers for those Difficult-to-Fill Positions

I just can’t find any volunteers for this position. That was the bewildered statement a director of volunteers made to Rick Lynch. Rick responded to her problem with a question many recruiters of volunteers fail to ask—and the question is brilliant. … Continue reading

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The New Breed in Tweets

Over the past few months I have been intrigued by what people are tweeting during my keynote speeches on mobilizing the power and passion of a new breed of volunteer (so much so, that I finally jumped on the Twitter … Continue reading

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The Most Significant Factor Impacting Volunteerism

Many non-profits are merely scratching the surface of their potential in the huge numbers of volunteers they could engage because they are ignoring the number one impact factor. In fact, I believe that if non-profits don’t take this factor seriously, … Continue reading

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