“Mobilizing the Power and Passion of A New Breed of Volunteer” by a Father/Son Team

New-Breed-WEB-SMIt is rare that you hear both of the McKees at the same conference. The County of Maui, Volunteer Center is presenting a workshop on January 29 from 8 am to 4 pm at the King Kamehameha Club House featuring the father and son team, Thomas and Jonathan McKee.

Thomas gives great sage leadership advice on engaging an older generation while his son, Jonathan, offers the fresh ideas and approaches on engaging the young millennials. Not only is their banter back and forth very realistic, but it’s also fun making this day a sure way to get inside the heads of the 21st century volunteer.  Articulate and succinct, they capture the essentials of unraveling the often conflicting motivations of different generations of volunteers. In their 75 years of combined volunteer leadership experience they capture the essentials of Continue reading

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Burnout Busters — Eight tips to prevent volunteer burnout

volunteer burnoutThe 90/10% principle of volunteer involvement: 10% of the membership are burning themselves out to keep the organization on mission while 90% enjoy the benefits and do next to nothing.

When I think of that 90/10% principle, I picture a professional football game where 22 players on the field are in desperate need of rest while 100,000 spectators in the stands need some exercise.

Let’s face it, many of us have a tendency to burnout volunteers– especially our committed volunteers who serve weekly Continue reading

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Effective Marketing to the 62.5% Who Volunteer— But Not for Organizations

They’ll help a neighbor, plan a block party or organize a local softball game.  couldyoubethevoice6They volunteer, but they won’t volunteer for any organization.  According to the Volunteering and Civil Life in America, 2014 report, 62.5% of people living in the U.S. volunteer, but not for an organization.

Why won’t they volunteer for organizations?

The New Breed of volunteer doesn’t want to follow a volunteer manager telling them how, when, why, and with whom. They are their own own boss working like an entrepreneurial, non-paid independent contractor. No wonder slacktivism/clicktivism and episodic volunteering is growing.

But some organizations are reaching into the 62.5% — How?
Continue reading

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How To Keep the Volunteer Motivated

Thumbs-UpAlthough volunteers are passionate, volunteerism requires a great deal of motivation to keep the passion alive. The 21st century new breed volunteer has a lot of distractions, and as leaders we constantly face the challenge of keeping the volunteer motivated so that they don’t switch to another cause or drop out.

So the key question is, “How do you keep the volunteer motivated?”  Although it is an important question, in reality there is nothing you can do to motivate a volunteer. All volunteers are motivated, but they do things for their reasons not yours. Since motivation is an inner drive, then your role as leaders of volunteers is the following Continue reading

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The Why, Who and How of Empowering Volunteers — The Ripple Effect of Influence

rippleonwater“If we want to have an impact—a ripple effect impact—we have to quit managing and embrace empowerment.”

In The New Breed we keep stating that empowerment is one of the most essential leadership skills to engage the 21st century volunteer.  People often ask me three questions:

  • Why?  Why is empowerment an essential?
  • Who?  Do we empower all our volunteers?
  • How?  How do we empower volunteers and still control the outcome?

The Why—Influencer vs. manager

Why would you want to turn a bunch of empowered, independent, critical thinking, decision-making, volunteers loose in your organizations? Continue reading

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The Graying of Volunteers: We Are Back for Your Revolution

Boomer-TutorWho are these people who are saying, “Just ask me and I’ll sign up”?

We are Boomers.

Why are we ready to sign up?

We were the volunteer revolutionaries of the 60’s and we are back.  The word revolution comes from the Latin revolutio, to “turn around,” and we want to see a ‘turn around” in our world.

Why do we want to see a turn around? Continue reading

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Charlie Brown’s Question Hits The Core Element of Leadership – The Focused Power of Individuals

IMG_8114Charlie Brown is watching TV, and Lucy walks into the room and changes the channel to something she wants to watch. Charlie speaks up and says to Lucy, “Why do you get to watch what you want?” Lucy answers with her one hand going from a spread fingered position into a tight fist as she says, “These five fingers… individually, they’re nothing. But when I curl them together like this into a single unit, they form a weapon that is terrible to behold!”

Charlie Brown walks away talking to his fingers as he asks them, “Why can’t you guys get organized like that?”

Charlie Brown’s  question is often one of the opening stories of my keynote because his question hits the core element of volunteer leadership Continue reading

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How To Manage the Pressure to Use Youth Volunteers When They So Often Can Be A pain

Seven tips for a win/win youth volunteer service project

SMIGlobal Youth Services Day is upon us (April 17-19)  which brings up the question that I was recently asked in a conference, “Can you give us any hints about working with youth volunteers?  It takes so much time to train them for a ‘one-shot’ event.  It frankly takes more effort than it’s worth.”

This is an honest question asked out of frustration by busy directors of volunteers who are overwhelmed by recruiting, training, and coaching their hundreds of volunteers.  A van load of teens are dropped off at a local food bank and the busy director has to quickly train and organize a gang of teenagers who in many cases don’t even want to be there—they are merely fulfilling a requirement.

Here are seven quick tips to make the experience a win/win Continue reading

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Two Opportunities in April to Hear Tom McKee Speak on Engaging the New Breed Volunteer 

If you live in Texas or western New York, I will be presenting the challenge and opportunity of engaging a whole new breed of volunteers who are changing how we recruit and empower volunteers.

  • Tyler, Texas — April 16
  • Buffalo/Albany Area, New York — April 22

Continue reading

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If You Don’t Change, You Could Be Out of Business in the Near Future

change-managementIn 2002 when I created Volunteer Power, I was convinced that if non-profits did not catch up to 21st century leadership strategies, they would be out of business in a few years.  And I believe it even more today.

For 20 years I had been a change-management specialist and trained over 100,000 leaders how to manage the chaos of change in corporate training and development, and I experienced first hand the transition in leadership development at the end of the 20th century. As I interacted with non-profits and how they worked with their non-paid staff—volunteers—I could foresee a huge problem Continue reading

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